ContentResearch is data-as-a-service built around social content. We make it easy to understand what type of content people want to see.

We do this by collecting data ourselves and through our popular chrome extension, PostBuddy.

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Over the past few years, the social landscape has devolved into a ruthless, cut-throat battlefield. And thus, out of frustration, ContentResearch was born to scratch our own itch. We built 'er internally at our agency as an attempt to develop an honest advantage in an ecosystem ruled by bots and other manipulative tactics.

Engagement-killing algorithms, automated bots, hordes of "Comment Pods", oh my. We wanted to re-focus on creating genuinely good content for our audiences, rather than playing a deceitful game at others' expense.

We compile social content categorized by topic or niche into tidy lists, pretty graphs and concise case studies so it's easy to understand what users like to see.

We're the folks behind ProductResearch. We're a small, nimble team obsessed with ecommerce, social-first content, creativity and modern branding.


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