PostBuddy: a chrome extension that makes finding the best social content easy

View Facebook™ and Instagram™ posts in a clean, sortable list, save all stats into a spreadsheet and more.

Social Media is a Jungle

Trying to find out which posts or videos get the most engagement is a painful task.

Scrolling through a competitor's profile, browsing a popular Facebook™ group, or even casually checking out the latest content in your home feed - social media is disorganized chaos.

We built PostBuddy to solve this problem. Now you can just click and sort to see which content resonates most!

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Facebook™ Example

Facebook demo 5814450a3b601214aa35d8d9e98af27083b48438a6685c3b91a9b9442b7cdff9

Facebook™ Ads Example (home feed)

Facebook ads demo 215a5003eadb9bacf94746f955ca43714335b6017713dabdf8f2d9e74f9681bf

Instagram™ Example

Instagram demo 0ae1ea6608b8f20c2ed3ada091f30aa47f2abf6765d26829570c0d1b2ef96e0d

Feature Breakdown

  Future versions will sync with our web app

Basic Juicy
Coming soon.

Works on IG
Sort all columns
Export to CSV
Access community

Premium Godly
Coming soon.

Hobby features
Works on FB

Save your spot in line

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